Artsakh Lives: Exhibition-Sale

An exhibition-sale under the title of "Artsakh lives" organized by Genesis Armenia Pan-Armenian Research Think Tank and Foundation took place at 3 Pavstos Buzand Street.


The people of Artsakh displayed the colors and flavours of Artsakh in 7 pavilions of the exhibition hall provided by Pyunik Development Center.


Hadrut Children's Creative Center also took part in the exhibition-sale in a separate pavilion with the children's handicrafts and paintings.


The unique cuisine of Artsakh - zhengyalov hats, tonir bread, pickled vegetables (ttu), gata and pakhlava of Artsakh - was presented in a separate pavilion.  The women of Artsakh also demonstrated their handicrafts: dolls, tablecloths with national ornaments, clothes, etc.