Who is the head/co-head of the sector?

Who is (are) the sectoral project manager(s)?

Arman Hayrapetyan,

Arpi Hovsepyan

What is the target of the sector?

Residents of villages and cities that can be involved in strategy development processes as specialists or in project and program implementation as implementers or investors. Compatriots living abroad that can help with their professional experience or join the projects as investors․

What is the goal of the sector?

Develop a sector development strategy. Carry out small, medium and large-scale projects.

What are the goals and objectives of surveys/research carried out by the sector?

The existing problems in the sector and their solutions, considering the international experience, the peculiarities of our country and the given area, as well as the study of successful projects in Armenia and abroad.​

What is the format for cooperation with specialists, experts, and consultants?

Brainstorming and discussions in other formats with the professional community, organizations and individuals. Online meetings and electronic communication with specialists abroad.