Who is the head/co-head of the sector?

Who is (are) the sectoral project manager(s)?

Armen Atanesyan

What is the target of the sector?

Beneficiaries of pre-school, general education, higher education and postgraduate sub-sectors

What is the goal of the sector?

To preserve the state-national ideology, value system, national identity, culture and cultural diversity, and at the same time to realize, appreciate and present the place and role of the Republic of Armenia and the Armenian people in the universal value system.

What are the goals and objectives of surveys/research carried out by the sector?

The aim of the sector is to create an environment where an individual will be able to explore himself/herself as quickly as possible, to promote the right choice of profession, to provide up-to-date, practical and productive education to those with requisite knowledge and credentials, as a result of which legally conscious and competitive citizens will enter the labour market.

What is the format for cooperation with specialists, experts, and consultants?

Brainstorming and discussions in other formats with the professional community, organizations and individuals. Online meetings and electronic communication with specialists abroad.