The Independence Day with Healthy Teachers

10 teachers of Paravakar border village school in Tavush province underwent digital mammography, breast, lymph node and thyroid ultrasound examination free of charge. Another 40 teachers will be provided free check-ups in the coming days.

This is a joint initiative between the Genesis Armenia Research Think Tank and Foundation and the Armenian-American Wellness Center Foundation in the run-up to the Independence Day.

Every year, 1,100 - 1,300 new cases of the disease are recorded in Armenia. Despite the worrying statistics, breast cancer is considered curable if appropriate check-ups are done in time, and the disease is detected at an early stage.

Genesis Armenia is convinced that a state is strong if it delivers high-quality education. And high-quality education can be provided by a healthy teacher.

Free check-ups will also be provided on September 16, 22 and 23. On these days, the teachers of the school in the border village of Vazashen, Tavush province, will be given check-ups.