Genesis Armenia: “There will be no peace as long as the long-term national and state interests of Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian people are endangered.”

The two Armenian states meet the anniversary of the November 9, 2020 statement unfavorable for Armenia in most difficult security, military and political conditions, continuing to face Azerbaijan’s increasingly hostile rhetoric and policy.

The long-term national and state interests of Armenia and the Armenian people are endangered. Any document, statement, agreement or understanding that has not passed a domestic legislative, political and institutional expertise in Armenia cannot be considered valid. Furthermore, the statements on peacebuilding in the region will remain imaginary and unrealistic as long as:

1. Armenophobia continues to lead the ideology of Azerbaijan becoming a nation-state;

2. Baku has neo-Nazi ambitions for the entire territory of Artsakh and 70% of the territory of the Republic of Armenia, while the thesis of unblocking the communication routes in the region is only a tool to extort additional concessions from the toothless government of Armenia;

3. With anti-international and illegal tools, Azerbaijan continues to occupy different parts of the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia, subjecting the Armenian population of the border areas to psychological terror and using demonstrative lynching against the Armenian civilian population;

4. The issue of the international legal status of the main subject of the conflict – Artsakh – is awaiting resolution. The involvement of Stepanakert in the negotiation process will only curb the escalation of the conflict and increase the possibility of having a stable and peaceful region;

5. A clique of cowardly amateurs and fake pacifists holds the reins of power in Armenia, while their crude, defeatist, anti-state and short-sighted policy on security and diplomatic issues not only failed to prevent the war, but also squandered the Armenian resistance and all the resources of the nation-army ideology.

The Genesis Armenia Think Tank was established to reject the treacherous November 9 document, which does not serve the national and state interests of Armenia, Artsakh and the Armenian people.