Who is the head/co-head of the sector?

Who is (are) the sectoral project manager(s)?

What is the target of the sector?

Mariana Kocharyan,

Anna Petrosyan,

Hrayr Harutyunyan

The population of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh, businesses, business and entrepreneurial community, scientific and educational community

What is the goal of the sector?

To create an economic model with a competitive, level playing industry that is based on technology and innovation and creates added value. This implies consolidating the pan-Armenian potential, identifying the opportunities, expertise, knowledge, ingenuity, networking connections and logistic opportunities, ideas and skills of the business community and putting them into service. The sector aims to become a profitable business platform that will involve  Armenian communities worldwide, providing them with an opportunity to implement small, medium and large-scale business projects in Armenia and Artsakh based on thoroughly designed and calculated projects.

What are the goals and objectives of surveys/research carried out by the sector?

The priorities of the economic development strategy are: food and financial security, effective operation of the education-science-economy chain, development of a policy aimed at increasing the share of high-value exports in GDP.

What is the format for cooperation with specialists, experts, and consultants?

Brainstorming and discussions in other formats with the professional community, organizations and individuals. Online meetings and electronic communication with specialists abroad.