Artsakh's intellectual capital must remain in the homeland. Genesis Armenia spent the second day of its Artsakh visit in Martuni.

We started the second day in Artsakh at the wine factory. We did not enjoy the delicious sun-soaked drink, since we still had many meetings ahead, but we were able to taste the Artsakh wine. Davit Astsatryan told us about how he had founded his factory and showed us the vineyard, where grapes are harvested to be turned into wine. Funnily enough, we had not heard about orange wine. It turns out that it is already being produced in Artsakh and will appear in the consumer market soon.


Economy, agriculture, security: three key areas, the strength and invulnerability of which our future victories must be based on. In the second half of the day, the Genesis Armenia team initiated a discussion to make the projects under these three sectors more detailed and substantial.


The intellectual potential of Artsakh must remain in the homeland. This is the goal of the I Educational Foundation’s project. At the core of the project is the IT sector, while its target is the youth. A non-formal education and employment center will be opened under the I Foundation’s project. The computers acquired with your help have already been delivered to Martuni, and soon the center will officially open its doors.


The last stop of the second day was in Martuni. The Genesis Armenia team met with the residents of the town and the neighboring villages in the city hall and presented the scope of Genesis Armenia’s activities that will enable the residents of Martuni to present projects and together draw a roadmap for implementation.


The meeting was attended by teachers from different schools, whose main issue of concern is the declining number of students and lack of teachers for some subjects.


"We do not need purely technical links here. We need fists to stand behind and build Artsakh," said Genesis Armenia founder Abraham Gasparyan, urging not to wait for charity but to get to work with the confidence that they will not be left alone.


Genesis Armenia is ready to take on this path.

So, let's get down to work!