Computers collected by Genesis Armenia reached the village of Sos in Martuni․ The visit to Artsakh ended with an agreement with the teenagers.

We started the third day of our trip to Artsakh with the golden youth of Martuni and the neighbouring villages. The high school and university students, who are beneficiaries of the “I” Educational Program, presented to the members of Genesis Armenia a number of projects that are currently under development but also require professional guidance.

More than 20 young people who were present at the meeting confirmed that staying in Artsakh is not just desirable, but mandatory. They are ready to study and work for the good of the homeland because they have no desire to live anywhere else.

The next meeting was with Ashot Avanesyan, the director of the "I" Educational Foundation, and Gevorg Sargsyan, the founder of the Martuni Youth Organization (MYO). The foundation implements important educational programs. Only one thing is required from the participants: to use the acquired knowledge and skills in Artsakh.


Three of the program beneficiaries currently plan to continue their education in foreign universities. After passing the exams successfully, they will continue their studies abroad. The same condition holds: to return to Artsakh and contribute to the development of the homeland.


The Martuni Youth Organization is the place where young people spend their leisure time, watch movies, exchange books, and organize various discussions and events.


During the meeting with the Genesis Armenia members, further steps of cooperation were specified. There is a lot to do together.


Our last meeting was in the school of the village of Sos. Although it was Sunday, the schoolyard was full of people. It was an emotional meeting. The patriotic songs and poems performed by the students turned our souls upside down.

The Genesis Armenia team visited the school not only to get acquainted but also to address the existing problems and find solutions. We donated computers to the school and promised to return by all means.


It was inspiring that a lot of people, having learnt we were in Artsakh, came to meet us on their own initiative.

We became sure that this was Genesis Armenia’s first but definitely not the last visit to the second Armenian republic.


A lot needs to be done, but there is also a great desire and willingness to make Artsakh live and to live for.