• Harut Arakelyan is the head of the 'Politics and Foreign Affairs' sector at Genesis Armenia. Harut is an Iranologist and an expert in the Middle East.

  • He was born in 1979 in Tehran and graduated from the Tehran Academy of young diplomats.

  • In 2002-2008, Arakelyan worked as a deputy editor and  a political analyst at "ALIQ" daily. He was a columnist and an analyst in the Caucasus issues of "IRAN" daily belonging to the Iranian government. He was also the head of the Armenian section of Iranian state TV news center.

  • In 2008-2010, he was the Armenian language publisher of the French monthly newspaper "Le Monde diplomatique" and the official representative of the newspaper in Armenia. As a political analyst, Arakelyan worked in BBC Persian Television and in "Third Force" weekly.