• Karen Manvelyan is the head of the Nature Protection Sector at Genesis Armenia. He is the director of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Armenian Branch and a Candidate of Biological Sciences.

  • He was born in Yerevan in 1958 and studied at the Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine in Yerevan, where he received the qualification of a veterinary engineer.

  • In 1980, Karen Manvelyan started his work at the Yerevan Zoo as a stockbreeding specialist at the Birds Department, then as the head of the department.

  • In 1988, he defended his dissertation at the All-Union Institute of Animal Husbandry in Moscow and received the degree of Candidate of Biological Sciences.

  • In 1988-2002, Karen Manvelyan worked as a researcher at the Armenian Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Feed Production, afterwards was appointed deputy director for science at the Yerevan Zoo, and then head of the Center for Preservation of Biodiversity of the Yerevan Botanical Garden. The center was created based on the program developed by Manvelyan.

  • Karen Manvelyan graduated from a qualification course on endangered plant and animal species management at the Gerald Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. He also received a degree in endangered plant and animal species management from the University of Kent in the United Kingdom.

  • From 2002 to present, Karen Manvelyan has been the director of the WWF Armenia Office.

  • Karen Manvelyan is the author of more than 30 scientific articles on the protection of nature and animals.