"I wouldn't like to depart this life with the doubt that we bequeath an insecure Armenia to our children."

We tried to find answers to some important questions with the head of the Nature Protection Sector at Genesis Armenia and the director of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Armenian Branch Karen Manvelyan.


Why Genesis Armenia?

Genesis Armenia created an opportunity for professional and compassionate people to come together and devise a proper strategy. We should develop our strategy,  make it the topic of discussion for the society and especially for the professionals, so that it becomes the central pillar of our development. I see that Genesis Armenia has that resource and am sure that we'll be able to achieve spectacular results. Every goal and strategy should turn into a project and not remain as mere words on paper. Then, we’ll present these projects to the right people, find benefactors and start implementing them. We have no choice but to stick together. We do everything on a voluntary basis. Although I'm very busy, as a true Armenian I should do even more.


I have never talked about politics, but I think it's time to speak the truth: maybe it's everybody's fault that we didn't require people to perform their functions properly. So, we should become claimants now.


The connection between the war and Genesis Armenia

For 44 days we were all convinced that everything was going well. In one day, it transpired that we had lived in a world of misinformation for so many days. But it is what it is. Yes, we're depressed, we're under stress. Some people are convinced that they must stay and save the country, others are convinced that they need to emigrate, and the rest are unable to find a way out of the situation. I think that our salvation lies in our hands. Armenia and the Diaspora are a unity that should join forces and goals. Thus, I joined Genesis Armenia, so that we could focus efforts and move forward to achieve our goals.


Self-organization as a way out of the current situation

In some cases the society self-organized, however I don't think that's the right solution. We shouldn't leave everything on the shoulders of the society. A coherent strategy should be developed at the state level, according to which people will move forward. Of course, every Armenian should make his/her contribution, we should work more, do more and dedicate everything to stabilizing Armenia. But we should have a clear roadmap as well. That is to say, it's the state that should self-organize.


The goal and vision of Genesis Armenia’s Nature Protection sector

All my life, I have always done everything to fulfil my professional duty to my country. I have been in this field for more than 20 years. We have implemented numerous programs to develop the nature protection sector in Armenia. But now, I have a strong feeling of guilt because I have been engaged exclusively in my field and have not participated in other matters concerning the country. Now, one of my sectoral goals is to participate, without neglecting the professional aspects, in all important affairs related to the country and do my best to contribute to stabilizing and strengthening the state.


Armenia: country of dreams

I wouldn't like to depart this life with the doubt that we  bequeath an insecure Armenia to our children. I want to see a strong and protected country with strategic partners, an economically strong, environmentally green and healthy county with beautiful communities and villages, where people are socially secure. This is the Armenia of our dreams. We must do everything to achieve that, we must all do it together and united, both in Armenia and the Diaspora.


Formula of national values

The formula of national value is based exclusively on love - love for your nation, your homeland, and work. If you do not love your nation, you do not love anything or anyone. And those who love, deserve a good life. If there is love, you will do everything for your country. Then, your country will be the one to benefit. We won’t go far with empty talk.


We need to act. Another important point regarding the formula of national values: we must educate ourselves a lot, read a lot and keep in mind that although we matter a great deal, there are a lot of nations in the world that have geniuses. Let's try to see beyond our narrow-mindedness and we’ll discover that there is a big world around us, and we are a part of it. We need to open our eyes and look reality in the eye. And I repeat, we need to educate ourselves again and again.