The procedure of on-boarding pan-Armenian human resources into the initiative is starting.


-> If you consider yourself an Armenian

-> If your age is 22-60

-> If the idea of eternity of the motherland and the nation is indisputable for you

-> If the development of intellectual, scientific, economic and cultural capacity of Armenia is a high priority for you

-> If you're ready to set your intellectual potential into the courtesy of national and state interests of Armenia

-> If you’re ready to carry out intellectual duties on voluntary basis

-> If you’re ready to take a long and tiresome road, for the purpose of paving a bright path for our children of Armenia

-> If you have a higher education

-> If you have a profession or a certain expertise


Then join the initiative by sending your resume to , and/or your proposal to


All of the collected information will be kept confidential. It will not be published or shared with any third party. The “GA” HR database will be established on the gathered data, forming a human capital base for the program, research and analysis carried out within the framework of the Initiative. Different programs will be carried out based on the professional skills and capabilities of our compatriots, whose resumes have already been or will be collected in our e-database. 


Variety of programs would be launched when we review our compatriots’ resumes, and we group them based on their profession and expertise, geolocation, educational background and work experience.  


Specialists included in the database will be grouped into focus groups. They will be led by responsible field representatives to volunteer in research and analysis, strategy development, as well as drafting the implementation of road maps.